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Olympian-M Temporary Cement (Auto-Mix System)

Olympian-M Temporary Cement, Syringe System


Disposable Tips 45-per pack



Olympian-M Temporary Cement, Syringe System
Olympian-M Temporary Cement, Syringe System

  • Excellent handling characteristics

  • Good reproducibility of working time

  • X-ray opacity

  • Low irritation potential

  • Negligible solubility

  • Low film thickness

  • Well-balanced adhesive properties provide good prosthesis retention while allowing for trouble-free removal.

  • Excellent resistance to the oral environment, as well as, mechanical strength assures good long-term performance.

  • Olympian M bonds to dentin and metals strong enough to prevent marginal leakage and loss of retention, yet it allows for trouble-free removal.

  • Good reproducibility of this cement minimizes post operative discomfort.

  • Olympian M does not contain eugenol. It is formulated for compatibility with all permanent crown and bridge cements presently in use.

    Price: US$ 95.00

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